Love Never Ending

God's Angel

One precious baby born in the autumn
Filled with dreams to sit, crawl, walk then run!
Never did we think before you came to be
You'd be hit with cancer and soon set free!

Set free to our Lord up there to finally be healed
Entering Heaven is the one place no one wants to yield
He relishes our dancing, singing, praise and love
Only now you do it in greatest praise, healed up above.

You dear Nicky changed endless count of lives for all the good
Torment you went thru gracefully which you, nor no one should
You remained so happy, funny and strong in every step you'd take
Your mind so brilliant, heart so pure-I know your mama's heart still aches

I hope Heaven is way more amazing than earthly understanding
Miniature cars, an ocean, precious animals-with no time ticking
I am so thrilled you are free of such suffering and pain
In Heavens realms you are healed, no cancer ball and chain

I know you see your mama and family each and everyday
As a true angel it's hard cause you have so much to say
I know your mama see's your signs and feels you near
Every memory she has of you is alive in her and so clear

Send her signs how great she was, is and still is going to be
You're love still flows thru her blood and she wishes to see-
Your face one more time to kiss and say how much she deeply loves you
To make sure you remember you're more special to her than any jewel

Keep sending her your kisses from our Heaven up above
Kisses and hugs she so misses from her boy filled with love
Never doubt your mother's love, it is deep and never-ending
I know you feel it now and just can't wait for the two hearts mending

Love you sweet Angel NickyBear and amazing mom Angelia. In my prayers always.

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