Holy Spirit in Your Life?

Who is marveled by the child they have in their life??? I sure am. I went thru so much before I got pregnant with her, then really went crazy while pregnant ....but nothing will exceed my aftermath. Other than, I oddly, no matter how tough the suffering truly was physically and mentally, it was the way God woke me up to take my daughter and find this amazing Jesus person. I was clueless. I heard very little at 19 for the 1st time and happily and harshly rejected it. But He allows trials to continue in our lives until we finally hear the "wake up" call and race for Him to accept Him. But there is also major free will He can only give us billions of signs left and right, yet many remain blind and deaf to it- Hard hearts. It is a trying situation, but when you finally give your life to Christ....you will be blessed with the Holy Spirit who will be with you constantly, guiding you, convicting you, helping you thru tough times, he is Jesus whom you will feel wrap around you, run down you spine, maybe painful good bumps, tears, because it is Christ in You thru the Holy Spirit- it is Christ thru you thru the Holy Spirit, it is Christ for others east to west thru YOU with the Holy Spirit with you! Christ is our shield....shield of love. Too much darkness happening out there, if you don't get involved with bible study in a group, fellowship, the heart will easily begin to grow cold. But when you are active in a church, bible studies, helping others- wow it is the most amazing feeling God sends me! I am so blessed by Him to have been born a giver. It is my humble Godly act. We all have purposes on this earth- I have more than that-thanking Jesus for that successful 3rd awake brain surgery has blessed me with gifts I couldn't use before due to seizures, but it also blessed me with talents of art! 
God is never on vacation, He is right beside you full of love and mercy! And thru Jesus I love each and everyone of you! 

In His Love,

Hetty J Siebens

We love you all so much!

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