Blessed and Watched Over

Jesus was born to save. I was born to share that, yet so clueless for so long-of HIM-of His ever-lasting love. Most of us can't wake up to His Amazing Grace until knocked to our knees. Therefore I am forever grateful for His love, patience, mercy, grace-thru every step of life. Those I knew and could see it-all others I can look back, in awe of His presence thru every moment of my life... as for yours as well.

I see so clearly now His working in my life, and even thru me. How He touched many souls thru my suffering, pain, suffering. How He changed mine for His Good thru it all. Even when I was suffering and abused-it all drew me to find Him, love Him thru it all. I never turned my thoughts of His Truth-Only His-even when not saved. I was approached by so many of a few cults is my early years-yet had no part of me to wonder about any of their stories. I knew somewhere deep inside me, that He is the Only Way. Even when in deep denial - severe suffering- I still had this part of my heart that was pre-wired and saved to love Jesus, to save my eternal suffering.

He has radically changed my life. In faith and love. In my gift of openness came transparency of His Truth. The way He knew me and my plans in life while in my mother's womb. In every word of my denial came His Promise to me. I never knew before Him how little I was really in control of life. When first presented to Him came out my duplication almost of Saul-who later was talked to about why Saul was born... was for His Glory, and not Saul's selfishness and denial- He was born to change lives as Paul. He had the most radical change I could imagine. I am blessed He was willing to radically change me too-also for His Glory. I was able to see past my suffering, look beyond tragedy and know His plans are real and for ever lasting love-love beyond my comprehension.

So I may not comprehend all His purposes. but I know He has radical purposes; that even thru little me can change lives even outside of my own life. In fact, Christ has us all here for His Glory-and before others, thru everything. To make change in people's lives that we try to help guide and change; yet to be amazed at whose lives we change or impact thru Him, without knowledge of attempting to. Just living with the Holy Spirit wrapped around us to keep praising Him thru everything, and around everyone-without embarrassment of His Truth and how it affects our lives. We praise Him when well, or unwell. We raise our hands in true whole-hearted praise and worship-knowing He came to save and conquer-will return with that promise we share; and turn away from evil that makes us doubt. To accept blessings while sharing more than return blessings thru Him. To know His truth is real and never-ending.

My brain may be afflicted-challenge to have historical true words about His Truth; but a heart that can share His heart that loves us all without question. I am in awe how He was deep in my soul all my life-even all the years I knew nothing about Him. How He twists our deep denial into deep love for and thru Him.

He has walked with me my whole life-He is everlasting. He is our One True God who continues to change lives. I can see how changed I am thru Him in my walk. I am blessed to be able to bless others thru His Word. I am forever gracious... His mercy and grace is amazing-His Truth is such a life changing experience- I will forever be amazed. I will challenge myself daily to seek Him more-to reach out to others, to pray for others first-and to love Him and others more of myself and material things.

Forever so thankful for such changes forevermore, all for His Glory, Honor and Praise. I will continue to walk with YOU Jesus...

Bless you all.... share your story of How He changed you-- I will be just amazed more!!

In His Grip,


Philippians 3:20-21
But we are citizens of Heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for Him to return as our Savior. He will take our weak mortal bodies and change them into glorious bodies like His own, using the same power with which He will bring everything under His control.

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