May You Dance


Can you hear my deep words crackling
when I really try to pray?
I just feel so sad and distant
as you were gone that December day

We would talk so long forever,
I sure hope you miss me too
We had hopes and dreams we never
Had time to fully see them thru

You and I sat talking
'bout how life's so worth living.
You'd cry about not walking
Yet you were gifted and so giving.

The talents you had we're amazing
I was in awe of all you'd did and do
Thru Him you'd keep on soaring.
Half the time it was YOU who really flew

I'll just lay down in that flood
Keep asking why for a while?
As rain changes dirt into mud;
I'll be buried alive for a mile.

Alive I am today dear friend
But alive today you're not
Great friend please help me mend
You're such a blessed friend I've got

You were hit with many issues
That just wouldn't go away
Everyday, I sure do miss you
True soul for Christ, every single day

You lived each day like last for you
Keeping my faith alive inside
I pray you know all this is true
Thru God you sure help Him guide

One day I'll make it there and see you in a glance
Our Lord will be the first One along with you that I'll see
Knowing you, You'll start music up along with a dance
Our friends & family thrilled to dance along with you and me

Friendships are for ever Jason...
Blessings always to Jason Mitchener ...passed away 3 yrs ago Des 16... He made it thru my birthday December 15th.... I took little Christmas gift to give to him when I got there evening of Dec 17, 2009.... Always to be missed till we reconnect with Heaven

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