Blessed Beyond

It takes very tough times for us to really be able to look at all going on and see any purpose-and reach tighter than ever in our lives for His comfort to see us thru. Too many of us turn away from Him...our time period was way shorter, more appealing, and we don't understand why He'd allow such tough times in our lives if He unconditionally loves us, always.
He works all out for good....and I know that is true; if we are willing to hang onto Him-give Him our Trust on His timing and all we have to bare.
I've been thru so many very tough times just prior me running for Him, yet so much that kept worsening over the years; even when I accepted Jesus as my Savior, my Everything. But the severe body pain all over my body that began in 2010- is the worst ever for me. My pain wasn't controllable non medicated, medicated, or any mind over matter. My severe pain hit end of March in 2010, just a few weeks after my awake, 3rd brain surgery. It was so scary due to the severity, and to think I take on pain like it doesn't exist. But this one more than took me down.
But everyone's thought of one month, two, maybe three...ok Heather maybe half a year til it subsides. While trying every medication and being prescribed so many severe pain meds in addition to muscle pain meds. I had every test for every illness...coming back with nothing but thought of where my brain was cut, it could be just trying to heal that pain control section, over months-then in reality just a few months shy of 3 years in severe pain.
I felt like nobody, nothing...except in a very tough life for way too long for me to be anything I was and am to be.
I have seen quite the number of specialists from AZ to PA. But in Philly I was radically over medicated...so we didn't know if any of the meds worked alone. But my doctor saw my misery and didn't know the answer either, but sure tried.
I decided to come off my strong patch...as for if I was far from pain free at a high dose, then why should I burn my brain anymore if not needed. I was off of everything else....and down to half of that patch ...my doctor today helped me get off that patch completely.
We tried a few muscle relaxants...including the first one that thru me into ICU with loss of verbal knowledge and use...then was dragged into full body paralyzation for hours. Over all, that was very scary...was over two days no verbal skills or knowledge.
That was September of this year. I went thru trying 2 more muscle relaxants, none worked right. So one day we went in to talk about what to do. My doc was frustrated and concerned about many meds causing seizures. I was just in tears and needed something to help such excruciating pain ...and felt like my prayers weren't heard. He was right there with His plans.
Cause I can tell you all today, which started with a new/ old muscle relaxant ...He has healed me. I asked for a day of it, maybe a week...but it's been about 2 months that I've been pain free. It has changed my life completely....and learned so much thru it all.

So today I share this, telling others healing isn't only when you reach Heaven...His is very popular, well known, utterly amazing at what He does down here before Heaven. Never fear sharing!
If pain returns, I know He has reason...like Paul from the Bible with the thorn in His side-God had reasons then, He hasn't forgotten us!!
Praise His Heart and Name!
Thank you all for your prayer
In His Love,


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