Love is amazing

God is more interested in your future and your relationships than you are. ~Billy Graham 

I never knew Jesus had all these "plans" for me... as for I never knew about Jesus until I was 19... never accepted Him until I was on deaths door at 26. But it doesn't matter to me what it takes, as long as we get to Him. All is worth it. Sometimes we just have some really drastic stories about our pokes and taps from Him, trying to get our attention.. to love Him back.

Sad part, but also a blessing... is that we can have loved ones-the ones whom we are blessed with, run after us trying to get our attention. They can be so much more drastic and obvious-in our face-more so than God. It can actually be annoying for some, but also is a blessing He created us to be like-so we aren't so dumb-founded on human to human love. He created this amazing other half for me-but how would I know, if one of us wasn't a mouthy one, open, like me? And one wasn't so sweet, loving, complete giver who showered with love, sweet little gifts to show love, even from afar-like my husband Christian. It is sort of like the obvious need, physically, no matter what God said, about the apple. Adam and Eve said a big "Uh uh!! This is our way, we don't hear You out there...." And took what they physically saw-and were drawn to. We now have them to thank for our fashionable clothing....

But without our human gift of open, obvious, face to face love-life would sure be different. He blessed us with the ability to share our love with others, in a way we love to praise Him-express our love to Him thru worship. We can't yet physically touch Him, but He gives us that desire and need with people here--thru love He teaches. And I personally praise Him for that. Love is amazing. And you can't just get it anywhere. You have to start with your heart---filled with His love--so you can really share amazing love with others. And that was the amazing click of my husband and I today.

We were first dating when I was searching for Jesus. But everything was "reformed" when I had finally hit rock bottom. He had seen me at my lowest of lows. He had seen me unable to awaken from bottles of Phenobarbital overdosed, to numb my pain of my last marriage-ex who beat me. I was trying to get thru that myself. When I was finding out slowly-it wasn't for ME to get ME thru. It was for Jesus to get me thru. To give all my worries and cares to Him. His plans will unfold, and comfort will surround me. And as I was learning this--my heart was awakened. And love for all was alive!!! My boyfriend then, husband today, took a new route with me---an amazing route... The Jesus Christ--BEST FRIEND route. And that was when our love for each other just bloomed like no tomorrow-even here in Phoenix, AZ!!!  :) We were living for and thru HIM... not just each other!! Now that is love!

Was amazing to watch Him work thru our living and learning more about Him, together, and each other thru Him. That is what kept us always in love, no matter what. No matter what money issue, which hospital stay, or illness add on. Love thru Christ is amazing. Is an amazing plan HE HAS FOR YOU... we just have to open our hearts up thru Him, to help it happen sooner than later.

Love is more than it ever sounds. Truly a direct gift from Jesus. Easier to love those you see. But when you really get to know Him, and have had amazing love in your life---you understand who it is to love ALWAYS the most, FOREVER. As for He is just going to keep multiplying your love! Here, and there!

Love you all!!


1 Corinthians 16:13-14  Be on guard. Stand true to what you believe. Be courageous. Be strong. And everything you do must be done with love.

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