God's amazing creations-HE REIGNS!

Thinking. Isn't it just an amazing gift from God? How to think- the brain... that is such an amazing construction made- God didn't go thru a drive thru quickly on that one. He truly delicately thought out how every part would control-our whole body. How it would control our moods, taste, vision, movement--mind you from opposite sides of our brains. There are two amazing halves-one that is dominant, usually is the left side-and usually makes you a right handed person (some other cases) The dominant side controls most needed language to speak,ahhh and memory- some short term and long term--which all of these can be different slightly--as for my memory is out of this world, and I hardly have a left side temporal hippocampus. Where that likes to be stored. Understanding written and spoken language. Number skills, reasoning. Right side has emotions, planning, artistic side-as a whole with music and insight of it. Therefore can have recall of music. Sight is in the back. Ability to move arms are usually on beginning of frontal lobes (back of) or might touch Parietal lobe with some. Reading comprehension is in Parietal lobe just above the temporal lobe--why some epileptics have slight reading disabilities. Really I could go on-- Sensory speech is in the back-that is different that motor speech-- sensing it. Just is all flabbergasting. All connected by the Corpus Callosum -disconnect that- it is a corpus callosotomy. The human brain usually weighs 3 pounds.. mine, having gone thru two brain surgeries already.. probably weighs about 2.50. And more to come out.
That is my excitement. Personally exciting for me. My appointment to talk about my MEG-and how they want to go about my 3rd brain surgery is tomorrow Wednesday 13th, at 2:00. About 6 1/2 hours from now. I have been waiting on this for some time now. All along... God brought me in a much deeper relationship with Him. Not able to drive. Not able to do much... physically. But Last January, when I was so sick-I reached deeper for HIM. And thru that-and everyone I am able to share His Word with-- pray for-- help understand The Why's?? I have just melted into His arms thru all these circumstances. And instead of being bitter-I can see all the Glory He places in my life-- and for me to do. And with that- I reach to others. In such similar situations I've been in-- and I hold out my arms thru His Word, and pray with them, and for them... that is what keeps me going. Jesus. He never lets any of us down. Even when it may seem dark-- remember- He knew everything about you before you were born-- ready to be here in tough times. Just have to turn those eyes, whether you can see or not-- upon HIM!! For He is there... and He touches our lives left and right when we let Him.
As for my MEG test-- that was to help also map out that I can still talk and use my right hand and legs-where my seizures show. It is amazing how they can cut around all of that. The stuff that is critical. God has created miracles--all over.
You are all blessing He created. I thank Him all for you!! Will update you all on a path they are talking about. Tomorrow--- 2:00 is my appt at Mayo Clinic-- with my amazing neurologist, Dr. Drazkowski.
Heather @AliveinMe
Psalm 9:1 I will thank You, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things You have done. I will be filled with joy, because of You, I will sing praises to Your name, O Most High.

Please Keep Kate McRae #katemcrae -beautiful daughter of 
@aaronmcrae and @HollyMcRae who is fighting brain cancer-had
brain surgery for it-all chemo, radiation-tumor still there. 

As well as amazing, humble Pastor @mattchandler74 and his dear 
wife @laurenchandler --Matt also had frontal lobectomy for brain 
tumor-it came back cancerous. Praying it is healed, honestly, before 
the ending of his radiation/chemo.

And dear @bentelybrian -his little Anna Grace-- 

New friend with a child also going on multiple brain surgeries for 
Epilepsy at the age of almost 8 now.. @ElyssaCichy - her son Elijah

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