Trusting our Father

My precious child and her father....thanks to our FATHER!!!

Romans 8:14-17 For ALL who are led by the Spirit of God are sons (children) of God. For if you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons (children), by whom we cry, Abba! Father! The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD, and if children, then heirs-heirs of God AND fellow heirs WITH CHRIST, provided we SUFFER WITH HIM in order that we may ALSO BE GLORIFIED WITH HIM!!!

All I can say is AMEN!!

I am sure not the only one in dire need of Him...to trust Him. This past week has been an intense prayer week. I have had some really rough roads...reminding me all about FAITH, FORGIVENESS, TRUST, LOVE, PRAISE----in ALL circumstances.

When you fear your daughter is MIA by your ex---tears flow like no tomorrow. Illness I have kicks in harder than it is daily with extra stress...more seizures hit. But do I shake my fist in anger? Do I hold it against Jesus? NO. I have seen His true beauty...His reasons in EVERYTHING that has hit my life personally. I pray BIG TIME. Am I perfect? Oh so far from it. Only Christ is! You can ask my dear friend Pat B...as I vent to his amazing soul thru it all...how I do feel at the time it all hits. I throw on some anger music--in all honesty to help get it out of me. But our AMAZING LORD works thru EVERYTHING. And captures me in every verse--to love thy enemies. Pray for them. Faith, Hope and Love...greatest of these is LOVE. Love--for everyone is so important thru our Savior...LOVE FOR HIM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. He saved us on Calvary...AMEN...yesterday, today...saves us tomorrow...always loves US.

Christ watches over us every moment every second. He never forgets a moment of your life...I am so grateful...as for I try to reach out and pray for so many...but I am not God. I cannot be all places like Jesus---and that IS TRULY AMAZING.

My home church I attend--first one--and one I found Christ--has, as many know from my flooding prayers--a precious 5 yr old child-Kate McRae- that just went thru intense brain surgery yesterday. My faith, personally is very strong there...no, I have never had cancer--but I can't name off all my illnesses. Starting with brain surgery twice...opened 4 times...getting ready for a 3rd brain surgery (6 openings) for epilepsy. My precious daughter has it too. So when this all came up-I fled to our church for our amazing prayer and discussion there. And, me of all people was the first one bawling. Not out of fear--yes, I wish I could take it from this precious girl--but I also know HOW AMAZING CHRIST IS THRU PRAYER!! He is always amazing...but I can truly compare one surgery-when not into Him...and the other COMPLETELY INTO HIM...huge difference. WHAT A MIGHTY GOD!!! He holds us in the palm of His hands--complete comfort! So if anyone wishes to call me the prayer-aholic...feel free...I take it with Grace and Joy with my Savior!

I am one very transparent soul. One thing I refuse to change.

Revelation 4:11 "You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory, and honor and power. For You created EVERYTHING, and it is for Your pleasure that they exist and and were created."

Revelation 22:13 "I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End."

He--thru everything deserves all our glory, honor praise...as for He created us with such amazing plans--as we seek Him--grow closer, cling tight--they unfold more and more!! And I am so thankful that I ever found Him! We are all beautiful/handsome thru Him inside (important!) and out!

We ALL have such struggles...seek Him. Be sure to pray. Be sure to have others pray for you. If you feel you need any help...seek that...He is beside you thru it all---this I truly know---as His hands hold us so tight! Go to your churches counselor or Pastor-friends in the church. Knock on my twitter door for some prayer---PLEASE. I truly feel it is a gift He does give me--to reach out to others in prayer. Please connect with @worldprayr for postings of prayer there too! God is SO AMAZING...no prayer is too minor...too small. He gives us all....only what we can handle--AMEN.

Psalm 34:4,6 I prayed to the LORD, and He answerd me, freeing me from all my fears.

I cried out to the LORD in my suffering, and He heard me. He set me free from all my fears.

We are FREE....of fear thru HIM....FREE as an AMAZING COUNTRY-AMERICA'S Birthday of FREEDOM TODAY!!! All thru Christ!! Are you ready to be free??? Let it all go....give it all to Him...talk with Pastors, believers in Christ....dig in His Word with prayer...and He WILL SET YOU FREE!! John 8:32 "And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will SET YOU FREE."

Give it all to Christ....if you haven't asked Him into your life...do so TODAY...this day of freedom...ask Him simply...."I am clueless. I am a sinner.(WE ALL ARE) I haven't been living my life the way I should nor I want...I have this void that still has to be filled...nothing else fills it...Jesus--come into my life-forgive me...fill my void...guide me...mold me...clean my slate of sins-walk me down the road YOU have had planned for me. I love You. In Jesus Name...Amen."

I love you all so dearly...I am so blessed. I truly thank God everyday for all I've gone thru to find Him...for my amazing family....for the strength only HE gives me in all my weakness. I praise Him for it all. I truly thank Him for you all!

In His Amazing Love,

Heather Siebens





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ktmaltese1982 (Katie) said...

Hetty wow our GOD is so Awesome. Really grateful for the freedoms HE gives us each day as we turn to HIM. Hugs and love

Scott McQueen said...

Howdy my friend! Just droppin by for a read. God Bless you and your family! Hope you had a wonderful and blessed 4th.


Faith Imagined said...

Very powerful!

Bhodi Li said...

My 5-yo daughter has to get an MRI on Monday because the CT scan showed a potential mass. I'm going out of my mind right now and find your words very encouraging. Thank you. God is good, all the time.